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What are the class timings?

Whether you're an early bird or a night owl, we've tailored our classes to accommodate your lifestyle. Here's a quick guide to our class schedules, ensuring you find the perfect match for your English learning journey.

Semi-intensive General English
For those who prefer to start their day with a dose of English, our semi-intensive courses run from 9 am to 11 am or 11:15 am to 1:15 pm, Monday to Friday. These sessions are perfect for learners looking to improve their English skills while still having ample time for work, study, or leisure activities during the rest of the day.

Intensive General English
If you're keen on immersing yourself in the English language, our intensive courses are the ideal choice. These classes take place from 9 am to 1:15 pm, Monday to Friday, offering a comprehensive learning experience that covers all aspects of the English language.

IELTS Preparation
Aiming for a high score on your IELTS exam? Our IELTS preparation classes are scheduled for the evenings, making it convenient for working professionals and students. Classes are held from 7 pm to 9 pm on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. These sessions are designed to equip you with the strategies and skills needed to excel in the IELTS exam.

Business English
For those looking to sharpen their English skills in a business context, we offer Business English classes from 7 pm to 8:30 pm on Mondays and Wednesdays or Tuesdays and Thursdays. These classes are perfect for professionals seeking to enhance their communication skills in the business world.

Private Classes
Prefer a more personalised learning experience? Our private classes offer the ultimate flexibility. Schedule your sessions at times that suit you best, and enjoy the undivided attention of our experienced instructors. Whether you're aiming for specific goals or need to focus on particular areas of improvement, private classes are tailored to your individual needs.

At Speak English Institute, we understand the importance of finding a class that not only meets your learning objectives but also fits into your daily routine. Our variety of class timings is designed to ensure there's a fit for everyone. If you have any questions or need further assistance in selecting the right class for you, don't hesitate to reach out to our friendly support team. Let's embark on this English learning adventure together!

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Updated on: 22/03/2024

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