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Can I get to the institute by public transport?

Dubai Branch: Easily Accessible by Metro and Tram

Our Dubai branch enjoys a convenient location for those relying on public transportation:

- By Metro: We are situated right at the exit of the Shoba Realty Metro Station. Once you exit the station (JLT side), you'll Speak English Institute to the left when exiting the metro from the main door. It's a straightforward and convenient option for anyone traveling within Dubai.

- By Tram: For those coming from the marina or nearby areas, the marina tram is a great option. Our school is just across the walk bridge from the marina tram stop, making it easily accessible without the need for a lengthy walk or additional transportation.

- By Car: With plenty of paid parking around the institute, you will easily find a place to park. We recommend parking next to the restaurants (Jamie Oliver Pizzeria) cluster T as the parking are cheaper than up in the clusters.

Using the metro or tram not only provides a direct route to our school but also allows you to avoid the city's traffic, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free commute.

Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) Branch: Accessible by Car

- By Car: Our RAK branch is more suited for those with access to a car. While it's not as accessible by public transportation, there's plenty of free parking available, making it convenient for students who prefer or need to drive. The lack of public transport options is offset by the ease of parking and the straightforward drive to the school.

Whether you're planning to attend our Dubai or RAK branch, we've ensured that accessing our facilities is as convenient as possible. If you have any questions about getting to our schools or need further directions, feel free to contact us directly for assistance.

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Updated on: 22/03/2024

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